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Greg Aprahamian

There is a wide range of benefits being involved in Judo. Being a traditional Japanese martial art. Judo emphasizes respect for the opponent. And encourages higher ranked Judoka to elevate the skill of the lower ranked (or less skilled) opponent. This guarantees that in time, the less skilled opponent will become a formidable opponent to the once better Judoka. Along the way, certain respects must be given. which would allow the lower skilled opponent to continued on their journey, not only on the mat, but off the mat as well.

The premise of Judo is to get thrown seven times and stand up eight. Aside the symbolism that Judo brings, it helps people build self confidence. As well as get a great cardiovascular workout, and teaches self defense. Greg is a USJA certified Nidan (2nd DAN). And currently trains at Goltz Judo. He lives in beautiful Dana Point with his wife and three kids.

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